17.-18. July 2021 mautern an der donau

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Allowed and forbidden handlebars

Allowed and forbidden handlebars

Bicycle handlebars come in a wide variety of shapes and variations. Each handlebar has its advantages. But with which handlebar is participation in the Wachauer RADtagen allowed? Therefore, here is an important information for all participants of the Wachauer RADtage.


Permitted: Participation in the Wachauer RADtagen is permitted with racing handlebars with classic bends as well as with mountain bike and touring bars. So-called bar ends or bar ends are permitted on the Wachauer RADtage.

Forbidden: Participation with triathlon handlebars, trailers or other extensions is prohibited. This prohibition also affects handlebars which are connected to the triathlon attachment in one unit.

On these photos our race director Bernhard Rassinger shows you which bars are allowed and which are forbidden:

Safety has top priority at the Wachauer RADtage. To prevent breakages, handlebars should be replaced at regular intervals. During braking and acceleration, the handlebars are subjected to maximum loads. A mix of materials, such as a combination of steel steerings and aluminium hangers, should be avoided. If the steering bar is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

We wish you a safe journey!

Your Wachau RADtage OK Team