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5 tips for cycling in the heat

5 tips for cycling in the heat

For enthusiastic bike fans, the hot summer temperatures are no obstacle to bike tours. Nevertheless, even for experienced cyclists, there are a few things to keep in mind when the thermometer exceeds 30 degrees. Here are our tips for cycling in high temperatures! 

#1 Drink enough & properly

It is important to drink evenly and steadily on the day of the tour, even before setting off and likewise in the evening afterwards. Ideally, you should drink at least one liter of water per hour of cycling. Fruit juices diluted with water or tea are also suitable for hydration. To supply the body with minerals and counteract salt loss through sweating, special salt tablets or electrolyte solutions can be dissolved in drinking water. Alternatively, simply add a pinch of salt to the tap water!

#2 Don't miss out on food

Appetite is often lost in high temperatures. However, especially on longer journeys, the body must continue to be supplied with energy, so healthy snacks such as nuts, fruit or energy bars should be included in the luggage. Water-containing fruit additionally supplies the body with fluid, bananas, for example, also provide valuable magnesium. 

#3 Pay attention to the right equipment

On sunny days, it is best to wear light-colored and lightweight functional clothing that reflects sunlight, is breathable and dries quickly. Tightly woven fabrics protect better against UV rays, alternatively you can also reach for special jerseys and cycling shorts with UV protection. The bicycle helmet is of course also mandatory on hot days, protects at the same time from the sun and helps with a suitable ventilation system to keep a cool head.

#4 Pack sunscreen 

In addition to wearing the right clothing, it is also important to apply sunscreen regularly with a sport-suitable and waterproof sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. Apply it before the trip, refresh it every two hours and pay particular attention to exposed areas such as the nose, ears, neck and calves. Sunglasses are also essential to protect the eyes from intense sunlight. Sunglasses with increased UV protection are recommended for longer tours, as they also provide good protection from the wind.

#5 No false ambition

On very hot days, you don't need to reach particularly fast speeds or do a lot of miles. Our circulation is overtaxed more quickly at high temperatures, even on familiar routes. Therefore, you can ride more comfortably on hot days, take more breaks and pay attention to your own energy reserves!