16.-17. July 2022 mautern an der donau

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5 tips for your training

5 tips for your training

You have already registered for the Wachau Bike Days? Now is the right time to start training! 

Because in addition to the enthusiasm for cycling, the right preparation for the chosen route is not wrong. This will help you get even more out of yourself and enjoy your race fully. Here we have five tips for you to prepare yourself optimally for your participation in the Wachauer Radtage!

#1 Proper training

In basic training you build up your endurance and ride a recommended number of kilometers to achieve a sustained performance with as little heart rate and effort as possible. You supplement this training with strength endurance and interval training. Your preparation will of course be based on your chosen route and your fitness level. Especially before your first bike race, a customized training plan from a professional is recommended!

#2 Eat for energy

For an increased performance on the bike, a sufficient supply of carbohydrates is important! Two to three hours before training, a carbohydrate-rich and not too difficult to digest meal should be on your menu. Oatmeal with bananas or berries and low-fat milk, or alternatively a combination of rice or pasta with egg, lean meat or tofu are suitable for this. The carbohydrates, in combination with the protein and little fat, provide a stable blood sugar level and thus a steady supply of energy!

#3 Material check

Before the race, your bike should be in good shape and ideally be extensively serviced once again to avoid unnecessary and, above all, safety-endangering breakdowns. Especially wear parts such as brakes and pedal plates should be checked in advance. You should also keep an eye on tire pressure before the race!

#4 In the final meters

Now your motto should be: Less is more. One week before the race it is important to do only loose and regenerative training to save your energy for day X. Don't change anything in your training or diet now, stick to the routine that works for you!

#5 Enjoy the mood

Most importantly, don't forget to have fun with the whole thing! On day X, the excitement and the mood do their part to raise your adrenaline and your performance to a new level. Get carried away and have fun at your race!