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5 tips for the start of the season

5 tips for the start of the season

Spring is just around the corner and we can hardly wait for the new cycling season to finally start. To prepare for spring, we have collected the 5 most important tips to get your bike ready for spring.

#1. washing

A generous cleaning is the best way to start spring. With a clean road bike, riding is not only more fun, but any damage is easier to detect, too. But beware: Better avoid using a high-pressure cleaner, as it can offend the bearings. For cleaning, simply use a sponge and warm water. An old toothbrush is helpful for parts that are difficult to access. Then dry the racing bike with a soft and absorbent cloth and that's it! :)

#2. greasing

After cleaning, all seals and moving parts should be checked and, if necessary, greased. But grease is not just grease: there is no standard grease for all areas of the bicycle - it must be selected individually for bearings as well as for screw connections and clamp fits! Greases and lubricants should not be used on carbon - there are special assembly pastes available.

#3. check the tyres

You should check if the spokes are undamaged and have the right tension. In addition, the rim should run smoothly, which you can check by visual inspection from the front and rear.

#4. check the brakes

It is particularly important to check the brakes before your first ride. They should be easy to operate and dose. Furthermore, the brake pads should have sufficient profile or material.

#5. check the rear derailleur

The adjustment of the circuit is a sensitive matter. Maybe you should ask the specialist shop of your choice. However, you can make sure that the plastic gears are free from dirt, that the derailleur hanger is in good condition and that the shifting system runs perfectly - i.e. that the shifting system and chain guide run directly parallel to the respective sprocket.