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10 tips for a better regeneration

10 tips for a better regeneration

Regeneration is a very important topic for every athlete and is oftentimes still extremely underestimated. But it applies: training is silver, regeneration is gold! Many athletes are not aware of that muscles are not growing during training sessions but during regeneration phases. In order to achieve the ideal training progress, the body needs sufficient time for an complete regeneration. 

Hence, to hit your top form for Wachauer Radtage sufficient regeneration and periods of rest are necessary essentials. We have asked our Radtage team and the former pro cyclist and clerk of the course Bernhard Rassinger for their best regeneration tips and summarized the answers here for you: 



#1. Nutrition
Immediately after training, it is important to replenish the fluids, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals & trace elements storage! This sounds very complicated - but can be quickly and easily covered with well-combined after-workout shakes or drinks.

Ideal cycling drink:

300 to 600 ml of water

4 to 5% glucose

400 mg of sodium citrate

Insider tip: Many cyclists swear by the combo water and pineapple juice in the ratio 3:1. Pineapple juice contains, in contrast to apple juice, almost equal proportions of glucose and fructose!

#2. Sleep

During sleep, the muscles relax and the body repairs itself through growth hormones and newly formed immune cells. The best way is to test how much sleep you really need to feel well rested. With sleep apps on your phone you can nowadays analyze your own sleep phases pretty well.

# 3. Compression Clothing

Compression clothing not only improves circulation but also helps with swelling. Compression pants or compression stockings support our cyclist muscles after training ideally - for example, try them out over night!

# 4. Hot and Cold Showering

A classic but very effective: Alternating heat and cold while showering ensure a particularly fast regeneration. The shower unit should take about 15 minutes to get the desired effect. So it's best to shower directly after the training session and change from cold to warm every 2-3 minutes.

# 5. Ice Baths

For the toughest among us, we recommend ice baths especially after extremely strenuous workouts. The blood vessels contract and prevent the minimal muscle fiber tears that typically arise after hard workouts! The legs are shock-frozen at a temperature of 7-15 degrees max. 10 minutes.

# 6. Sauna

After a more smooth training lasting less than 90 minutes, it relaxes well in the sauna. But beware! If the training was too exhausting, it's better to postpone the sauna session to the next day. The heat can delay the regeneration even more.

# 7. Massage

Of course, as a hobby athlete you do not always have access to professional massages. But it already helps, if you get a better feeling for your own body and learn simple massage strokes. For example, with a fascia roll you can easily massage out tension and loosen the muscle well.

#8: Smooth Riding

In our list, of course, the slow ride may not be missing. Slowly and with a high cadence you can relax the leg muscles either right after training or on your rest day.

# 9: Swimming

Swimming is the ideal balance sport for us cyclists. The loose movement without external stimuli in combination with water pressure are considered as THE regeneration booster!

# 10: Special Wachauer Radtage Tip: Mint oil

Finally, we have a special insider tip for you, which has also helped us after hard training: peppermint oil! The mint has a cooling, antispasmodic and circulation-promoting effect. So, against calf cramps, simply apply the oil directly on the skin. But take care with open wounds! This can get pretty uncomfortable.