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Tips for the perfect vintage road bike

Tips for the perfect vintage road bike

Finally there is a reason to get the old steel bicycles out of the cellar and get them in working order. For some years now, as a tribute to classic racing bikes, more and more cycling events have been taking place in which participation counts more than the finishing time.

The relaxed retro rides also offer the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas with peers, get spare parts or gain useful insider knowledge. If you don't have a suitable bike for the Wiesbauer Vintage Tour at home yet, we have asked our expert and summarized the most important tips for you:


Tip #1: Pay attention to external damage right at the first inspection! On the typical steel bikes you can see damages relatively fast. It is important that the filigree steel tubes are straight and not warped. Light bends indicate a collision and this may indicate further damage to the bike that is not immediately visible.

Tip #2: If you have larger cracks, you should leave your fingers out! There is a risk of rusting, especially inside the steel pipes!

Tip #3: A slight appearance of rust is normal with steel bicycles, especially at the dropouts, and makes the vintage look really authentic.

Tip #4: An insider tip is to lift the wheel up and turn it. Trickling noises inside can be another indication of rust. This happens especially with wheels that have been stored for a long time in wet cellars.

Tip #5: You are always well advised to check the angle between fork and down pipe: If this angle is unusually steep, it indicates a rear-end collision!

Tip #6: No matter if you are looking for a vintage bike in a specialist shop or at a flea market - you should always insist on a test ride! Despite the retro chic, the size should fit well so that you can really enjoy the unique route of the Wiesbauer Vintage Tour.

Tip #7: After these little tests, you should have a better feeling for the good price of your bike. Make sure that even small pieces of wear and tear that need to be replaced can amount to 30-50 Euro! This should be taken into account in your price calculations.


With these tips nothing stands in the way of your retro bike purchase. We look forward to having you with your new vintage bike on the Wiesbauer Vintage Tour in July and to going off into another cycling era together with our cycling legends. All information about the Wiesbauer Vintage Tour can be found here.

Photo © Stift Göttweig / Eveline Gruber