13.-14. July 2019 mautern an der donau

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Thanks to all our Helpers

Thanks to all our Helpers

Thanks to all the helpers, who make the Wachauer Radtage possible.

ÖRV Marathon Card at a special price!


The ÖRV Marathon Card is available at the Wachauer Radtage at a special price of € 29.90 instead of € 39.90!

Videos of dangerous sections online!

Videos of particularly dangerous sections of the route are now online and can be found here!

5 good Reasons for participating in Wachauer Radtage

Every year, thousands of participants take part in the Wachauer Radtage. They have very good reasons for this.

Allowed and forbidden handlebars

Bicycle handlebars come in a wide variety of shapes and variations. Each handlebar has its advantages. But with which handlebar is participation in the Wachauer RADtagen allowed? Therefore, here is an important information for all participants of the Wachauer RADtage.

Children Cycle Race

The newcomers of today are the future of tomorrow!

"Wachauer RADtage" won "Event Award"

As part of the SPORT. LOUNGE NIEDERÖSTERREICH 2014, AMI Promarketing Agentur-Holding GmbH received the Event Award for the top sporting event "Wachauer Radtage".